01. Her family is quite rich, so she was able to have a [lavish] wedding, followed by a huge reception.
02. The ballet company is putting on a [lavish] production of Swan Lake to celebrate its tenth anniversary.
03. We won a weekend in the [lavish] bridal suite of the most expensive hotel in the city.
04. The house was [lavishly] decorated for Christmas.
05. The President [lavishly] praised the efforts of his Vice-President.
06. The book is [lavishly] illustrated with hand-painted depictions of English country homes.
07. The Hendersons live in one of the most [lavishly] designed houses in the most expensive part of town.
08. They are quite wealthy, and always buy very [lavish] Christmas gifts for their friends.
09. The rich come here to ski and party in the [lavishly] decorated resort on Gold Mountain.
10. The [lavish] lifestyles of the rich and famous are always popular topics for discussion in certain types of magazines.
11. We had a [lavish] dinner at an expensive restaurant for our wedding anniversary.
12. A Saudi Arabian proverb advises, "Beware the man who [lavishes] too much praise on you; he will later run you down."
13. Mignon McLaughlin once remarked, "We [lavish] on animals the love we are afraid to show to people. They might not return it, or worse, they might."
14. Lewis Wyndham once suggested that the art of advertisement, after the American manner, has introduced into all our life such a [lavish] use of superlatives, that no standard of value whatever is intact.
15. Wilfred Sheed once observed that God has been so [lavish] in his gifts that you can lose some priceless ones, the equivalent of whole kingdoms, and still be indecently rich.
16. Sir Walter Raleigh once suggested that talking much is a sign of vanity, for the one who is [lavish] with words is cheap in deeds.
17. Despite the millions of dollars he made during his boxing career, Muhammad Ali found himself in need of money after his retirement because of his [lavish] lifestyle.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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